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Some people worry about things going wrong with their eyelash extensions. One of the common worries people have is that they will be allergic to the lashes or the glue. Sometimes in the spring or fall people will report back to their lash technicians that they are allergic to the lashes or glue – they’re experiencing tenderness, irritation and/or swelling. This can even happen to people who have eyelash extensions and have never had an allergic reaction.

This can be scary, especially since most people assume it was the lashes or glue which caused the sensitivity. But actually that is almost never the case! Both the lashes and the glue used by any qualified technician have been carefully designed and tested by scientists and beauticians alike to ensure that even sensitive skin types will not be irritated or affected.  If you are experiencing a sensitive reaction to eyelash extensions, the chances are you’re just actually suffering from seasonal allergies! In the fall many people become sensitive to ragweed, and in the spring it’s the blooming pollen in the air. Even if the symptoms seem directly tied to your eyelash extensions, it’s usually just a by-product of a compromised immune system. Your immune system is in overdrive, working incredibly hard to fight against sickness, weakness and the allergens in the air due to the season. You may experience puffiness, redness, irritation and sensitivity – but it likely isn’t your eyelash extensions – it’s your seasonal allergies!  Basically what we’re saying is – you’re safe! Eyelash extensions are hypoallergenic, scientifically tested and very safe to be on and near your eyes. If you are experiencing irritation or allergy symptoms don’t panic.

The best way is to attack the cause – seasonal allergies. Here are few steps you can take:

  • Take your preferred antihistamine
  • Calm the irritated areas with cool water and cortisol creams
  • Avoid going outdoors if at all possible
  • Resist the urge to rub your eyes or pick at your lashes
  • If problems persist or you are especially concerned, contact your eyelash artist to consider getting your lashes removed until allergy season or anything else causing extreme stress on your body and immune system has passed.


Now, if you are allergic to cosmetics, mascara or are usually very sensitive to products around your eye, let us know.  We can test two different adhesives on you.  Those of you who have a history of being hypersensitive, should ask for the test prior to full set application.


1. Medical Tape

Some clients may have severe allergies to medical tape, bandages, or latex. These people may not be the right candidate for eyelash extensions. Unfortunately, some are not aware of their allergy until they have eyelash extensions applied, and a resulting reaction occurs.

2. Cyanoacrylate

Allergies from cyanoacrylate-based adhesives are difficult to distinguish from irritation to the eyelash extensions. Cyanoacrylate allergies can develop at any time. Generally they manifest as a red, swollen, itchy lash line. If you have had an allergic reaction to any eyelash extensions before (swollen, puffy eyelids and under eye area), we do not recommend getting lash extensions again as you will be allergic to most adhesives.

3. Formaldehyde

A recent Consumer Reports article details the cases of several patients who suffered infections and allergic reactions to formaldehyde-based adhesives used with eyelash extensions. Most cosmetics in the USA contain preservatives and many use formaldehyde. This includes your shampoos, makeup and other household, medical, or industrious products. Many dry cleaners use formaldehyde. If you have an allergy to formaldehyde, it may cause a reaction to your eyelash extension adhesive.


Our clients’ safety and health are always our primary concern. All adhesives that we use are formaldehyde-free eyelash extension adhesives. However, since allergic reactions are possible, we offer sensitive adhesive.  In order to minimize the risk of irritations and allergy reactions from eyelash extensions, we highly recommend clients to schedule a consultation and a patch test before their lash appointment, especially first time clients and clients with sensitive or skin

If you are experiencing irritation or allergy symptoms don’t panic!  Try taking an antihistamine and rinsing your face and call us.   Above all, be gentle! 

Last, regardless of homemade recipes on the internet to remove eyelash extensions yourself, we urge our clients if they are having any irritation to call us immediately and come in and allow US to remove the lashes.  The homemade recipes may eventually break down the glue enough to remove the extensions, but more than likely what usually happens is you will end up pulling out your own lashes along with the extensions.

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