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To maintain optimum appearance and extend the life of your lashes, follow these tips & easy care instructions:

48hr Tip: Remember that the first 48 hours are especially crucial for the bonding to properly occur! Common activities you need to avoid during the first 48 hours include showering, washing the eyes, tanning, applying creams or lotions to the eye area, applying mascara or any eye makeup, excessively touching the lashes, spas, saunas, steam rooms, swimming, exercising, contact lens solutions and sleeping on the lashes. We recommend sleeping on your back the first night to ensure your lashes do not become tangled while drying. In the morning, use a mascara brush to gently separate and groom your Lashes.
Daily Tips: The most common causes of Lashes falling out before the end of your natural lash life cycle include excessively touching the lashes, use of oil based products, layering on excessive amounts of mascara which requires excessive cleansing, and frequent exposure to heat sources such as spas, steam rooms and tanning salons.

*Avoid hot steam from the shower and sauna as well as swimming and tanning salons altogether for the first 48 hours.
Avoid using harsh mechanical eyelash curlers as they can break both natural and synthetic lashes. A Heated Eyelash Curler can be used sparingly to help shape and curl lashes on the TIPS of the lashes ONLY. Do not apply heated eyelash curler to the base of the lashes where the lashes are bonded.
*Avoid using any oil based cleansers on or near the eye area. Instead, use a water or gel cleanser such as the Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover and a sponge tipped applicator lint free cloth to gently remove makeup from around the eye. Do not use cotton balls, cotton rounds or swabs directly on the eyelashes as the fibers may get lodged in the bond area of your Lashes.
*Avoid using any oil based products on or near your lashes. Oil will dissolve the adhesive bond! Use water or gel based cosmetic products instead.
*Avoid Chemical Peels, Alpha Hydroxy, Beta Hydroxy and other highly acidic substances while wearing Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions. These substances will dissolve the adhesive bond.

Ask your Eyelash Professional if he or she carries Protective Coating.  After the first 48 hours, you can apply Protective Coating once or twice per week to your new lashes to preserve the look and extend the life of your lashes.  Follow the instructions on the product label for the best results.  Although Mascara is not necessary with your lashes, you can use it sparingly on the tips only to achieve an even more dramatic look.  We strongly recommend using one of the Lash Mascaras which have been specially formulated for the use with the lash extensions.  Follow the instructions outlined on the lash mascaras labels for the best results.  Avoid using oil based or waterproof mascara as the ingredients in it will dissolve the bond of the adhesive.

Above all, be gentle!  Do not pick or pull your Lashes and refrain from excessively rubbing your eyes.  When applied and maintained properly, your Lashes can last up to 2 months depending upon the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes and how well you maintain them.  The life cycle of an eyelash is 60-90 days.  Lashes will shed naturally at the end of their life cycle and relashes (fills) will be necessary every 2 to 4 weeks to replace the fallen lashes.

Clean lashes will have better staying power. I think most clients think the more they avoid water around their eyes the better .WRONG!!

Oils ,dirt and dead skin cells gets trapped between the lashes and break down the bond.  For the best result and the longevity of your lashes, please clean them every other day. ;-)

                                     Eyebrow Maintenance

After care
Do not get your brows wet for 24 hours after the brow extensions are applied. It will affect the efficacy of the glue. 
Brow hairs are resistant to water, if they get wet blot gently with a tissue to absorb excess  
• Avoid steam from showers, facials, saunas and swimming pools.
• Avoid getting moisture around the eye area when washing face, showering etc.
• Avoid tanning beds for 48 hours after application.
• Avoid chemical peels, waxing or laser treatments around the eyes.
General guidelines to extend the life of your brows.
• Avoid using oil-based skincare and makeup products around the eye, including  makeup remover near the brows. 
• Avoid rubbing your brows, especially when washing your face. It is recommended to 
clean around the brow area with a washcloth or cotton swab (Q-tip). 
• If you can, sleep on your back to avoid the risk of brows rubbing against your pillow. 
• Gently brush your brows with  finger tips to groom them. The best time to do this is after 
showering, as they will be softer and less likely to damage.
• Avoid pulling your brows, and do not attempt to remove them yourself. If you would like them 
removed, please contact your technician.
If you experience any pain, redness or irritation, contact your technician immediately.

How Long Does It Last?  

Depending on which type of extension you use, your statement brows could last up to an entire month before it’s time to schedule a touch-up appointment. The hair-to-skin technique only lasts about 7-10 days, while the hair-to-hair technique usually lasts about 3-4 weeks.  The general rules for maintaining the life of the brow extensions are to be gentle on them and not grind them into your pillow as you sleep.  Things to keep in mind include not getting your brows saturated in the shower, avoid the use of products containing oil and steer clear of shampoo and conditioner in the area. Don’t touch, rub, tint or tweeze afterwards.

Fill Maintenance

There are a lot of questions for clients needing a fill that comes up. 

Example:  Why is it sometimes I need more lashes on one eye than the other?? 

Here are 10 reasons that may help you understand the question above and more.

1.) Sleeping
This is especially true if you are a side sleeper or belly sleeper.
If you favor one side more than the other, chances are, you may lose more on one eye rather than the other. This also stands true for belly sleepers.  If you can't get comfortable sleeping on your back, I suggest in purchasing a satin or silk pillow case. Most the time clients will lose extensions due to the material of there pillow case. Cotton and other materials, can actually snag the extensions or bonds, making them fall out faster. Silk or satin pillowcases will slide and never get snagged.
Even getting a massage can be an issue. If your face has to go down in the table "hole" during a massage, you may squishing your lashes.
2.) Playing with your lashes (consciously and/or subconsciously) 
We've done it, and I know most of our clients have done it too. It's OK, we're all culprits of not being able to follow the rules. 
Eyelash extensions feel awkward when they begin to grow out and start to have a mind of there own. The bonds (glue) can feel like leftover mascara that can make all "pickers" want to given in and pick away. Don't give in because you could end up pulling out your natural lash.
Even rubbing your eyes after waking up or yawning can cause any client to lose lashes. By the time we have realized what we have done, it may be too late.
Now, if someone is blatantly playing with there lashes with there fingers, just know the oil in your fingers will break down the oil based bonds(glue) which will make the extensions come off faster.
3.) Too much make-up or Too much oil based products being used
Generally half our clients don't feel the need to wear make up, but the other half like the entire "glam" appearance. Just know using more make-up, skincare, or cosmetics that contain a lot of oils, such as mascaras, gel eyeliners, eye primers, eye creams, sunscreens can be some of the issues. If the product gets on the lashes, or transfers, it may be the problem. Since most eyelash extension adhesive are "oil based", we tell all our clients to avoid any oil based products. When you mix oil with oil, they blend. Which in this case, any oil based products or oil will break down the glue, thus your extensions will come off faster.  Avoid any make-ups or skincare items around the eyes that have oils.
You've been warned.
4.) Bangs
Bangs, side bangs or straight, we tend to be rubbing our eyes or brushing away our hair from our eyes constantly.  Another noticeable thing for women when you have bangs is you usually are brushing away the bangs from one side or both.  Pin em back, or make sure to style them so they are out of your eyes, lashes.
5.) It's been awhile since you had a new fresh full set.  This is a big one.
If you have been doing fills for more than 3-4 months, chances are you should start over fresh.
Fills are great, because you are maintaining the set you first purchased.  Just think, if you come in for a fill and you have lost more on your right than your left, than lash stylist make there best effort to make the lashes full and even.  Say the second time you come in, the left is now missing more than the right.  The reason for this is because those original lashes from the 1st fill were still on the original bond and did not need to come off. One eye will now have older bonds and so on.   Because of this inconsistency, every few fills it would be beneficial to start over with a fresh set. That way, all bonds have the same "timer" of lash life. 
Ask your technician what date you started and how many fills you have had since than. 
6) Length Lashes/ Weight of Extensions
Depending on what style lashes or weights the lash stylist are using, the extensions could possibly be too heavy for natural lashes to carry.  Your technician should be walking you through options and choices.  Example, if someone wanted "Texas" lashes, which to me are fairly dramatic, long, FULL, but there natural lash base is in poor condition or integrity, that may not work. 
Keep in mind, those clients can eventually "work there way" to that style, but it may be in the best interest to keep the integrity of the lashes.
With that being said, usually heavier or the extra long extensions can have issues. Some natural lashes that are say for example 5mm, those lashes may only hold up to a 15mm. As a rule of thumb, we believe that lashes may hold up to 3X times there own length depending upon the weight.   Ask your technician what product they are using on you, lengths, and sizes. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
7.) Your natural lash cycle
The lashes usually grow in 3 rows and have a lifespan of 60 to 90 days.  Some clients may have more natural lashes on one eye than the other. Some clients may have trauma, scaring or other issues that may make lash patterns uneven.  Natural lash cycles may also be fast meaning you may lose lashes faster. Sometimes that's true for one or both eyes.  Everyone's bodies grows differently. Vitamins and medications could speed the process of someones lash natural lash cycle as well. If you have concerns, check with your doctor and lash stylist. 
8.)Lash Products
Similar to makeup, cosmetics, and skincare, there are also other lash products to be weary about.  Avoid using tools like a lash curler, or products like lash serums or lash proteins. This will make eyelashes grow at a fast rate. The lash curler can bunch lashes together pulling them out or breaking the bonds. With not knowing it you could lose more lashes.  Be careful. Avoid any other lash services such as lash tinting, semi-permanent mascara, or other services.
9.) Sweat, Humidity, Steam, Pools, and Spas
Clients who go to the gym or who are active, active in water sports, or like to relax in the pool, spa, or jacuzzi.............take extra care.
Anytime you introduce sweat, oil based, naturally, your lashes may come off faster because mixing oil with the oil based eyelash extension adhesive (glue). Oil and oil mixes well together. Meaning if you introduce oil or oil based products to the bonds (glue), the bond can break down faster. 
Water or steam isn't something to ignore either.  Steam and water can break down the bonds, with natural wear and tear.  Also the higher the humidity, the more likely bond (glue) may not want to last.  Along with chemicals/products in water, like chlorine in pools or jacuzzis, or salt from the ocean, can all be factors of short eyelash extension life.  These are some normal "wear and tear factors".  The best advise is to apply a cool fresh rinse after swimming or exercise.
10.) Scrubbing/Exfoliating/Washing the face excessively 
A lot of clients are guilty of scrubbing/exfoliating/washing the face excessively and that's okay because we have done it too.  It doesn't mean that its good.  Like me, some people just like to deep clean. Even if that means scrubbing my face like it's covered in magic marker after a party. (haha)  But a big problem with the harsh motions, is that lash extensions can get caught on the wash cloth or loofah and snag or get yanked out. If someone is washing their face with there hands and rubbing excessively, the friction alone can cause the same damage as the cloth or loofah.
Instead of rubbing the face excessively, try to rub around the eyes, and rinse gently. To get eye makeup off, use a gentle oil free make up remover or wipes.
Hopefully clients and lash stylist can find a solution for any persistent problem or have a better understanding of why these things happen. And with that, we hope these 10 reasons help your understanding.

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